Home Window Film for Sun Control Reduces Fading & Uncomfortable Hot Spots Near Residential Windows

In the Bay Area, as much as you cherish the views and natural light, the afternoon sun can be harsh especially inland. 3M™ Sun Control  and Thinsulate Window Films  have been designed to reduce solar heat and eliminate UV rays yet allow most of the light into the room.

  • Home Temperature Control. Whether you have single or double pane glass windows, the 3M Prestige and Thinsulate (Low-E) sun control window films can help stabilize a room’s temperature resulting in added comfort for you and lower energy costs – all year round.
  • Control Home Interior Fading. If your home’s interior is exposed to sunlight through untreated glass, your furniture, fabric, and wood floors will be damaged from fading caused by heat, light and UV rays. Although, no window film can completely stop fading 3M solar control film can significantly reduce the causes.
  • Control Window Glare. In rooms with southern or western facing windows, computer screens, TV screens and outside views can be all but obliterated with the sun’s harsh glare.
  • Eliminate UV rays. 3M Sun Control and Thinsulate window films filter out 99% of all UV rays. UVB is effectively blocked by glass whereas 50 percent of UVA rays can pass through windows. As recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, sun control film is an effective precaution you can take against skin cancer.

Case Study in Sausalito

In this home with stunning views of the water, Solar Art installed 3M Prestige 70 window film for heat rejection. As the owner said, “I have 950 square feet of windows facing east – that is a lot of heat energy. I was looking for an opportunity to cool off our house…”

3M Sun Control Window Films We Recommend

3M Thinsulate Heat Control Film

Reduces both the Heat Gain and Heat Loss through your Windows

It’s 3M’s newest window film product. As an all-weather (Low E) film, it works to save energy by reflecting indoor heat back into the room and reflecting solar heat away. According to Dept. of Energy, 30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window. In the Bay Area during the warmer months, Thinsulate window tinting can help regulate a room’s temperature by blocking 55% to 73% of the sun’s heat coming through windows. Less air conditioning and heating means lower energy bills.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Product Info

3M Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film

Keeps the heat out without changing your home’s exterior view

Tinting your windows with Prestige reduces glare and hotspots – but allows for 40% to 70% of the natural light into your home. The only thing you’ll see day or night, inside or out, is a beautiful window. This multi-purpose window film is by far one of the most popular because of its optical clarity and sun control features. It is available in a number of tints. We install more 3M Prestige than any other window film – in thousands of residences.

3M Prestige Series Window Tinting Product Info

3M Night Vision Series Sun Control Window Tinting

Get more privacy and keep the view

3M Night Vision films have the darkest tints and highest reflectivity of the sun control window films, allowing 15% to 35% of the daylight into your rooms. Their increased exterior reflectivity offers maximum privacy during the day. But at night, because their low interior reflectivity, you can still enjoy a great view.

3M Nigh Vision Window Film Product Info

3M Ceramic Series Sun Control Window Film

Provide strong glare control at a great value

3M Ceramic Series sun control window tinting allow 30% to 50% of the natural light into your home. Unlike 3M Prestige, these films have more tint and are more reflective. This results in added exterior privacy and less glare.

3M Ceramic Series Window Tinting Product Info