Keep broken glass in place. Use 3M Safety Film to protect people and property.

The 3M safety film products have several options so San Francisco Bay Area residential homeowners or commercial building owners can find the best value for their budget. These films are multipurpose as they are designed keep broken glass in place and provide sun control.

  • 3M Ultra Safety Film Ultra 600 is premier tear resistant film. Because of the effort and time it takes to tear this film the smash and grab thefts are deterred. Ultra Prestige has the benefits of both the sun control of Prestige and the tough resistance.For the highest measure of safety and security, the Impact Protection Profile Attachment System can be used with the Ultra series. By using 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment System to secure Ultra Safety and Security Window Films to the window frame, a much stronger window system is created
  • 3M Affinity Safety film 30 has both sun control features and tear resistance at a great value
  • 3M Scotchgard Multi-Layer Protective Film is designed with up 4 laminated layers. When a damaging event occurs such as graffiti, the effected layer can be easily peeled away.

Still not sure which safety window film is right for you?

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