Hearing complaints about harsh glares and uncomfortable hot spots near the windows in your San Francisco Bay Area business? Commercial sun control window tinting lowers energy bills and reduce hot spots.

Nearly 40% of heating loss in commercial buildings is through windows.
U.S. Dept. of Energy

  • Lower Energy Costs. Increase your building’s energy efficiency by enhancing window insulation.

  • Reduced Fade Damage. Diminish the primary cause of fading to furnishings. 3M energy saving commercial window film installation eliminates (99.9%) of the Ultra Violet(UV) rays and significantly reduces heat radiation.

  • Less Glare. Create a more comfortable work environment and reduce eye strain for those working at computer screens.

  • LEED Credits. Commercial window tinting contributes up to 8 points towards LEED certification.

  • Lower Construction Costs. Other commercial applications to control solar heat issues may include shades, solar screens and light shelves – most of which have higher costs (material or installation) with less effective solutions. Shades, curtains and solar screes often obscure the view and do not block UV rays as effectively.

Each of the following energy saving window films has several options depending on the use and installation requirements. These tinting films are designed to work with a variety of window systems – from monolithic to multi-pane glass.

3M Thinsulate Energy Saving Window Tinting

It’s 3M’s newest window film product. As an all-weather (Low E) film, it works to save energy by reflecting indoor heat back into the room and reflecting solar heat away. According to Dept. of Energy, 30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window. In the Bay Area during the warmer months, Thinsulate can help regulate a room’s temperature by blocking 55% to 73% of the sun’s heat coming through windows. Less air conditioning and heating means lower energy bills.

Thinsulate Commercial Energy Control Window Film Product Info

3M Prestige Energy Saving Window Tinting

3M Prestige energy saving window film is primarily used for sun control issues and is used for a variety of applications. It offers small business storefronts to large high rises, a cost-effective solution to lower energy bills and reduce hot spots near windows. On hot days, every 100 Square Feet of glass treated with 3M Prestige film can reduce your HVAC requirement by up to one ton – this is a tangible saving in energy use and cost. In as quickly as six months, the Prestige can become a “carbon negative”.

Prestige Commercial Energy Saving Window Film Product Info

3M DayLight Redirecting Window Tinting

Bringing more natural daylight in the office is a great trend, but as windows get larger, there is more glare. Employees are less productive at their computers due to eye fatigue. Daylight redirecting window tinting for businesses addresses glare by redirecting the light that falls within the perimeter of the building’s interior upwards to the ceiling. This light is then diffused and reflected to the interior space -as much as 40 feet or more into the building’s interior.

The benefits are two fold – employees close to windows have less glare and more light within the interior of the room means lower energy costs.

Daylight redirecting window film is easily integrated into new or existing windows. It requires no extra hardware or infrastructure, and no additional maintenance or special cleaning.

Commercial Building Daylight Redirecting Window Film Product Info

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