Views Are To Be Seen Not Hidden

Views Are To Be Seen Not Hidden

Lower your building’s energy costs and make your tenants and employees safer, more comfortable and more productive with commercial or office window tinting!

Key reasons to use commercial window tinting in San Francisco area offices, hotels, restaurants, apartments and other businesses in the Bay Area

Need some guidance on office or commercial window tinting?

From high rises to smaller retail fronts, we have advised architects, builders, and contractors throughout the Bay Area on which window film will work best for their commercial jobs. During installation and if needed, we bring in the necessary equipment (e.g. hydraulic lifts). Post window tinting installation, we assist with the paperwork for warranties and LEED certification. These are some of the reasons, Solar Art has installed more office and commercial window film than all of our Bay Area competition combined.


Major installations require major equipment. We have a highly skilled and experienced team who can undertake the big jobs.

To see more examples of our installations, visit our Commercial Portfolio.