Protect Glass Surfaces with 3M Scotchgard Multi-Layer Protective Film

Safeguard against graffiti and unintentional damage such as scratches to a glass counter.

Graffiti hurts Bay Area businesses and neighborhoods. San Francisco alone spends 20 million annually on graffiti cleanup. It creates negative impressions suggesting neglect and apathy to customers and visitors. Fight back with 3M Scotchgard Multi-Layer Protective Film. This protective window film is durable, optically clear and it is easy to remove and replace if damage occurs.

This multi-layer film is separate layers of optically transparent, pressure sensitive polyester film laminated together to protect surfaces from intentional and unintentional damage caused by scratching, etching, abrasion and graffiti. This unique film offers one, two or four individual peel away layers with a single installation. Also it blocks up 98% of UV light.

For more information, view 3M’s product literature:

3M Anti-Graffiti and Surface Protection Film