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Those looking for reliable and trustworthy films and adhesives go to 3M, especially with how it utilizes both technologies to create ground-breaking advances in window protection. It is this philosophy that powers 3M’s credibility to a wide range of users, from the homeowner and small business owner to the corporate administrator and government planner.

3M films are designed primarily to protect a home or office from the harmful effects of light and to limit the transfer of heat to or from a room. 3M films shut out up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays; preventing them from damaging furniture and more importantly preventing them from causing skin cancer. The same films also block up to 79 percent of the heat from direct sunlight while simultaneously preventing up to 35 percent of diffused heat from passing through a window. These help reduce energy costs by keeping a room cool during a hot summer and keeping it warm during a cold winter.

What do 3M films offer?

• Reduction of solar glare
• Repulsion of up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays
• Blocking up to 79% of heat from direct sunlight
• Retention of up to 35% of diffused heat passing through glass
• Reduction of cooling and heating bills
• Fragmentation instead of shattering when glass is broken

Fragmentation of broken glass is one other very important benefit of 3M Safety and Security Films. When glass breaks, the film holds the glass long enough to form chunks instead of longer, sharper and deadlier shards. Sometimes the film itself is enough to keep cracked glass is in place. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injury when accidents, disasters, crime or even terrorism takes place.

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